Liliana, Lily's granola

Lidwine is an excellent photographer and it is a pleasure to work with her. We use her photos regularly for our content on social media as well as for flyers and even our website. We are more than satisfied with the work she has done for LIly's Granola and we can only highly recommend her services!

François, Matcha IRO


I worked several times with Lidwine who did Matcha tea recipe shoots for IRO.

Lidwine is not only capable of making the recipes herself, but she too is very good at staging food photographs and taking wonderful shots.

She works very professionally and I highly recommend her work for any food photography project.

Emilie, Elle à table Belgique

We partnered Lidwine to work for the Belgian pasta brand Soubry.

She immediately understood the magazine's DNA and followed the briefing to perfection to visually satisfy the brand and our readership.

Result: an original recipe, a wide choice of shots, a subtle highlighting of the brand through product placement and bright and colorful photos.

Stéphanie, Les Boudines

The images produced by Lidwine for the Boudines offer a vision, an angle, completely different from what has already been achieved for us in recent years.

The compositions perfectly highlight the product BUT in an original, different and more subtle way. Every time we use one of these images in our communication (social media), the engagement is excellent.